BSG Finale

So I was a bit disappointed in the ending. It was more religious and cheesy than I would have liked. The battle scenes in the first part were great but showing the dancing japanese robot at the end in times square, c'mon. Then again it was on the scifi channel so what did i expect (at least there were no giant mutant monsters). And it isn't really over, they decided unsurprisingly to make a special from the point of view of the cylons. Way to go capitalism. I know I will watch it anyway, I just hope it is up to BSG not scifi channel standards.


JaSunQuan said...

That's crazy. I thought it was fantastic. I mean, Mitochondrial Eve!!

The only thing I had problems with was that some bit of technology would still exist, or so I thought. Furthermore, the peoples of the Twelve Colonies must have had some very rudimentary language if our own ancestors took so long to develop language better.

It is hard to believe but, hey, suspension of disbelief, right?

the quadratic killer said...

Also, if they really were 150,000 years in the past, the earth would not have looked like that. And there would be huge animals walking around that want to eat them. And I thought that Kara just disappearing was kind of a cop out.