Where The Wild Things Are

There is a Where The Wild Things Are movie coming out this year that was directed by Spike Jonze. It looks awesome.

Check out the trailer.


BSG Finale

So I was a bit disappointed in the ending. It was more religious and cheesy than I would have liked. The battle scenes in the first part were great but showing the dancing japanese robot at the end in times square, c'mon. Then again it was on the scifi channel so what did i expect (at least there were no giant mutant monsters). And it isn't really over, they decided unsurprisingly to make a special from the point of view of the cylons. Way to go capitalism. I know I will watch it anyway, I just hope it is up to BSG not scifi channel standards.


Yelling at Cats

My cat somehow climbed up to the top of my closet door and just walked back and forth across the top until he got enough courage to jump down. It reminded me of one of my favorite youtube videos...yelling at cats.

Fucking jump!

Do it you bitch!

Get the fuck down from there!


Justin and I celebrated his birthday at home on friday. I made him a steak dinner and surprised him with a cake and candles that said "26." We drunkenly watched Battlestar Galactica although I missed the end.

Saturday I babysat and painted the kids nails and they were way more excited than I could have imagined. Apparently they have never had their nails painted before. Then they kept thinking their nails were still wet and wouldn't touch anything for like 2 hours, it was really funny. We also watched Nightmare Before Christmas, and the little girl kept asking me when the nightmare was coming. So cute!

I'm really excited about getting my car in about 10-14 days. I'm going to run all sorts of errands.

I have 3 more classes left in my microbiology class and then I can apply to nursing school. I really hope I get in. I will be pretty disappointed if I don't. I'm getting burned out at my current job and I want to leave soon so it will be on a good note for me.

I have been playing with Photo Booth a lot. It amuses me way more than it should.