Justin and I along with some friends went snowboarding yesterday at Steven's Pass. I really sucked at the beginning of the day and thought that I would not have fun. But I improved quickly and moved from the bunny hill to the beginner slope called "Daisy." I ate shit many, many times the first several times. Then I started to get the hang of it and by the last run I didn't fall at all. Justin did pretty well too although he was scared shitless of riding on the ski lift. The weather was also crazy while we were up there. There was practically a blizzard happening while we were boarding. It was hailing and very windy. There were even these mini tornado things popping up all over the mountain. So I am super sore in my neck and upper arms from falling and then having to push myself back up. My legs are a little sore, but I use them a lot so they were in better shape. The soreness was totally worth it though. Justin and I are thinking about getting a season pass and snowboards for next year.


Sledding in the streets!

A lot of the roads were closed (and still are) due to snowy/icy conditions. This one really steep road next to my house turned into a fun hill to sled on. Although our sled was really just a thin piece of plastic. That's why I busted my ass every time I went down.


Cutest Kitties Ever!!

I got my kitty Smeagol and am babysitting his sister (not named yet). I took a billion pictures
and videos. Smeagol is the gray and white one. Smeagol is becoming a gamer.


Yagami Light



We found this great store in the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, OR. It was owned by this really cute Japanese woman and had so much great anime and Japanese stuff (I bought all of the Death Note paraphernalia!)


Dear Safeway Mgr.

I found this note sitting on some toilet paper in the U-district Safeway. Fucking ridiculous.


On the ferry to Vashon for Thanksgiving