Justin is the coolest

Justin was published in the January issue of an online journal called Lit Choas. In fact, he is on the cover! Check it out.

A Cackling Dachshund Eats Its Babies

New Years Eve

Here is a video of the Space Needle fireworks that we watched from the roof of a building nearby.


Justin and I thought that we probably shouldn't sleep on a futon for the next couple years like we have the past two, so we went mattress shopping at sleep country with Jenny. We were expecting to just get a cheap one on sale, but deep down in my heart I wanted a Tempur-Pedic mattress and the sales guy could tell. He through in some free pillows, a frame, and a discount on the cover and it turned me into an impulse mattress buyer. Regardless of the free stuff, I wouldn't have bought it until he said we could finance it over 36 months with no interest. That's like $60 a month, which is less than cable. Yay! I am actually going to have a comfortable bed!